Lyon, The Asshole of France

by Jason Alan

If you ever visit Lyon, steer clear of Lyon. While backpacking through this (mostly) lovely country, my food, coffee, cooking pot and water bottles (2 of them empty!) were stolen during the night. What kind of animal does this? I take that back. An animal would eat the food but would have the decency to leave the rest behind, including the wet, worthless magazine I had and also my cap. I got that hat from Marlboro, damnit. It was special to me. Anyway, other than that and a few minor grievances, France has been good so far. I have walked over 200 kilometers so far and I am about at the halfway point before I reach the glorious Mediterranean Sea. The salt water is calling my name, I can hear it from here. Stay tuned for longer posts later when I get something more conducive for typing than teeny mobile devices. Bonjour, bonsoir et bonne nuit.