Howdy From France

by Jason Alan

Hey folks, it’s your favorite Texan in France. I am currently in Port Saint Louis, which is only about 7 kilometers from my destination, the beach of the Mediterranean Sea. After a journey of 450+ kilometers since May 12th, I am physically and mentally exhausted.

Here comes the awkward part, but just read through this before you judge me and say no to the voice in your head, or whatever you do. Yes, I am asking for money, BUT I’m not asking for a lot. When I get to my destination, I will look for work, but plane tickets to America ain’t cheap. But all I’m asking for is a dollar. You can afford that, right? I’m almost certain it won’t break your bank account.

But I can offer something for you as well. When I get back to America and get something with a full keyboard, I will be writing about my experience here in the land of croissants and expensive, tiny cups of coffee. If you donate 20 dollars or more to my Paypal, I will send you an autographed copy of the paperback when I do the first run of it. If you donate 5, I will send a digital copy. If you send a dollar, you will have the satisfaction of getting an independent author off the streets and back home again.

Please just take a moment to help a fellow blogger out. Even a dollar will brighten my day, as I will know that at least somebody gives at least half a shit. My email is and always will be jasonyenglin at gmail dot com, so if you want the book later just let me know.

Forgive any typos or grammatical errors. Like I said, I’m extremely tired and worn out. Here’s the link to the PayPal, and about half of my novel that I’ve put on hold for the time being. You’ll find the donate button at the bottom of the page. Thanks for reading, as always. Toodles.

For Want of a Stone / Paypal