i am, part one

by Jason Alan

i am the street you cross
when you are lost
i am the feet
that click upon the concrete
the leather shoes
cracking from the heat
i am the clouds that cover the sun
the loud noises of fun
the shroud that covers your son
i am the bullet wound
and the pain
the gunfire that reigns
i am those lonely nights
those peaceful days
tranquility, zen
the shiver down your spine
that fear of waking up again
and again.
and again.
i am metaphor muses
simile smiles
the desert that spans
so many miles
i am misplaced anger
a baby in a manger
i am hunger
the song of a bluebird
the knife in your chest
i am the lullaby
soothing you to sleep
i am flesh tearing
a wound so deep
i am the tears
that flow from your eyes
a wicked smile
a thinly veiled disguise
i am the spark of creativity
the fuel of longevity
wisdom and wit
the soul of brevity
poetic license
twisted justice
sudafed, cyanide
sicily and sisyphus
i am cold, hard logic
streams of static
white noise
black clouds
toys in the attic
i am the butterflies in your stomach
and what you learn from it
the stars in the sky
the mote in your eye
a badly worded email
the devil in the details
i am asia minor and labia majora
duh duh duh duh duh dora
the bible, the torah
the astral plane and cellophane
the love of a child
the eyes of the insane
i am the buzzing of a chainsaw
powerful, raw
above the law
a raven’s caw
the twinkling of wind chimes
the anticipation of end times
i am the eye of the storm
the horn of the unicorn
the light at the end of the tunnel
the beer flowing through the funnel
i am the petal, the flower
the rose and the dark tower
a heavenly punt
a demon’s cunt
i am a joke that kills
an orgasm that thrills
i am torture
horror and disbelief
i am here, a bird’s song
i am nothing
i am gone