i am, part two

by Jason Alan

i am a killer and a healer
a junkie
a dealer
i am a plague
in an eighteen wheeler
i am apps and maps
mudhoney and mud flaps
the train
the tracks on your arm
the heroin, the harm
i am the the serf, the gnave
the daisies that grow on your grave
the way of the gun
gone with the wind
the wound that won’t heal
the words you cannot rescind
i am the raving of the blind
a stitch in time
those murderous thoughts
in the back of your mind
i am a joker, a fool
a goblin, a ghoul
the right way to do it
with the wrong sized tool
i am juxtaposition
a man on a mission
contrarian lies
control, contrition
i am net neutrality
a shooting gallery
a government workers’s salary
i am rays of hope
lines of dope
trying to cope
and dropping the soap
kicking and screaming
silently dreaming
i am the pot
calling the kettle steaming
the yin
the yang
wang dang
sweet poontang
i am far
i am near
i am twelve steps
from the edge of fear
fingers and toes
sisters and bros
a rotting apple
broken windows
i am two girls
i am one cup
i am going down
when down is up
i am confusion
reality distortion
twisted twilight
aboriginal abortion
i am engines
powering flight
the valley of the blind
a beautiful sight
i am false dreams
crooked smiles
streams of consciousness
rivers of denial
the tip of the top
the cream of the crop
the handle of the mop
the flip and the flop
getting loose, a silly goose
dr. seuss and chocolate mousse
i am the youth gone wild
dip trip
flip fantasia
i am a maid in manhattan
made in china
a whore’s breath
a virgin’s vagina
i am a nurse
in the back of a hearse
a mayan curse
a pilfered purse
i am the rooster
the cock
the chicken
the egg
a sleeping lover
farting on your leg