i am, part three

by Jason Alan

i am one
as you are three
a smashed pumpkin
a fallen tree
i am a bad moon
on the rise
the lord of the rings
the lord of the flies
i am toys in the attic
radio static
fully automatic
i am the best of times
the worst of times
a case of corona
without any limes
twisted and shady
the prince of perversia
a listless lady
a hint of inertia
a lowly pauper
a tub stopper
a pill popper
a flipper and a flopper
a jizz mopper
cindy brady, cindy lauper
i am a rave and a rant
a million i do’s
a single i can’t
adam ant
moving a rubber tree plant
i am sonnets and couplets
making love
birthing quintuplets
a push and a shove
crazy like a fox
crazy for the fix
changing the locks
and changing my kicks
i am leaving las vegas
crossing jordan
screaming jesus save us
from ourselves, from boredom
i am bridging the gap
over troubled waters
giving to charity
and your other daughters
i am the face of evil
debunking, debasing
facebook, facetime
open faced, defacing
i am criminal minds
criminal intent
late for my period
late for the rent
i am the rapture
a failed capture
the diary of anne frank
the failing of napster
i am raindrops
falling on your head
the winter of discontent
the dawn of the dead