i am, part four

by Jason Alan

i am ishmael
i am the whale
for want of a shoe
for want of a nail
i am steep inclines
dressed to the nines
amanda bynes
active land mines
i am riboflavin
a voyeur’s haven
a fair maiden
who is melancholy laden
and freshly shaven
i am midnight in the garden
of good and evil
robbing banks
robbie knievel
i am a planet without borders
restraining orders
i am pleased to meet you
thanks to google street view
i am sun in the morning
rain in the evening
beloved, belabored
beyond believing
i am crystal balls
and blue balls
who to call on the wall
of the bathroom stall
i am slipping in the tub
dying alone
the mortar and stone
of the funeral home
i am the wood of the coffin
the pallbearers carry you off in
the relatives deceiving
the tears of the mother
the grave, the grieving
i am the crystal, the chronic
the bold, the bionic
eminem’s face cream
and dr. dre’s colonic
i am the smile of a starving child
the grimace of a madman
the grit of an ironworker
the guile of an ad man
i am sam and dianne
cliff and norm
the mouth of the river
the eye of the storm
a grain of sand
a grain of salt
a grain of truth
a wasted youth
i am surfing with the alien
chasing amy
runnin with the devil
directing raimi
i am high fructose corn syrup
sugar, splenda
no spin, no splendor
and no agenda
i am the choice
of your generation
defunct, declined
i am the motivation
of the self starter
the death of a terrorist
the birth of a martyr