i am, part five

by Jason Alan

i am the trains
running on time
the needle in your veins
the smell of thyme
i am twitter
and a stripper’s body glitter
the things you think of
when you’re on the shitter
i am abstract
war and peace
a piece of ass for lease
a cuff and a crease
saying fuck the police
i am giving a shit
and driving miss daisy
3/4 moisturizing cream
1/4 crazy
i am stopping to smell the roses
riding the lightning
i lie awake at night
embracing the frightening
i am the first shot of tequila of the night
and the 15th that incites a fight
i am the fists that brawl
in a sea of alcohol
i am once bitten
twice shy
that one smooth cut
that helps you die
i am out for a penny
in for a pound
a shock to the system
a urethral sound
i am concentration camps
death rattles
a monk meditating
in the heat of battle
i am confrontation
the essence of fear
a baby’s cry
a mother’s ear
i am black sunshine
man’s first flight
maximum performance
piercing the night
i am the smell of lilacs
a murderous nun
and i swear that
i don’t have a gun
i am a highwayman
a sailor
a schoolboy
a jailer
i am the song that makes you cry
i am destined to fail
and learning to fly
i am a lake of fire
an empty shotgun
the heat of desire