i am, part seven

by Jason Alan

i am living in glass houses
casting stones
breaking bones
drinking rum
eating scones
i am silly scenes
kidneys and beans
stomachs and spleens
shaking fiends
the ends and the means
i am purely coincidental
the living and the dead
braking with a foot of lead
breaking bad and breaking bread
i am suddenly susan
cruisin’ for a boozin’
hitting snooze, missing
and bruisin’ my cubans
i am red grapes
great escapes
wine, raisins and dates
the tipping of the point
intertwining fates
reasonable rates
irrational fears
da bears
the queers
the stears
the beers
i am wishing you well
the farmer in the dell
perfumed shower gel
alice and mel
i am heaven and hell
zoey deschanel
the northern lights
a southern belle
milky thighs
truth and lies
staggering lows
breathtaking highs
fruit filled pies
pigs and sties
welcoming hellos
heartbreaking goodbyes
breaking ties
with mutual sighs
deep brown eyes
glorious demise
white castle
five guys
covered in flies
i am the roots of the vine
the six and the nine
evolution of man
intelligent design
i am all creatures
great and small
the legend of zelda
and of the fall
i am babbling brooks
crannies and nooks
scandalous crooks
and lustful looks
i am syndicated
inundated and nickel plated
masturbated instead of dated
and technically faded
the bathtub, the warm water
the razor bladed
i am initiated
one fish made it
two fish baited
three fish celebrated
four fish assassinated