email from my sister

by Jason Alan

Yes, insanity runs in my family. Here goes:

I have never been so ashamed to call u my brother. I hate you, yet at the same time I want to come to France and rescue you, because you need help, and I am not talking about help with getting u back to TX; u need professional help before our mother has to bury her child due to your stupidity, ignorance, anger, drug abuse, alcoholism, and most of all-pain from losing the most precious angels that were brought into this world, JEREMY & JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know u are hurting Jason, but u have unleashed a side of u that is sick and twisted..not to mention turning your back on your family here, who despite what u think, love you and are worried sick. Seeing the pic of u roaming the streets of France, looking sad and so different from when we said goodbye to u at the airport, brought me to tears….where is our brother Jason? Cuz u are not the same person we grew up with, this is insane. And what u did to Flo was unforgivable, and makes u no better than the piece of shit husband who dumped me 6 months ago; the same man who YOU had no respect for, talking shit about; u are not only like him, u are far worse. That scares me. I hate u right now, but I also love u cuz ur my family, and family is the most important thing in the world. I fear not ever seeing u again, getting that dreaded phone call saying ur dead on the street. Please-get help!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALWAYS