i am, part ten

by Jason Alan

i am aurora borealis
a solid gold phallus
a crystal meth palace
on the east side of dallas
i am rancor and malice
viagra and cialis
the looking glass and alice
i am dictators and fried taters
life savers and now & laters
investigators and alligators
figure skaters and broken escalators
i am relentless
memnoch in memphis
a spinster, a temptress
the string of a necklace
i am a journal
a linux kernel
maternal and paternal
richard gere, a suffocating gerbil
i am nature and nurture
frustration and fervor
a surfer, a server
a swimmer and a swerver
i am a slave pawing
a cave drawing
a rave cawing
the sound of metal sawing
i am starting fights
and stopping hearts
setting your sights
in fits and starts
a rejected kiss
mistletoe frustration
of this atrocious nation
potholes and assholes
los angeles manholes
carolla and kimmel
jack stands and jackholes
starships and hardships
heart shaped boxes
parsley and parsnips
barter and bar tips
soft sells and hard flips
the diary of anne frank
the diaphragm of mel blanc
the please and the thank
the pain of a prison shank
dixie cups and dixie chicks
superman and mister mxyzptlk
getting your kicks
on route sixty-six
i am sixty-nine
a stitch in time
splitting the tracks
shifting the rhyme
i am lap belts and lap dogs
beaver pelts and leap frogs
meet the fockers and meat logs
demon hands in deep bogs
i am a point and shoot
forbidden fruit
a point that is moot
jack frost and a jackboot
the pistil and the root