i am, part eleven (first draft)

by Jason Alan

It’s too short and it needs some editing, but I’m bored so I need to post something. Maybe somebody can make a suggestion or two…

i am smaller than a breadbox
and bigger than a burlap bag
of smashed assholes
a truckload of dicks
a pallet of clits
trylobites, trolls
tried and true trash moles
i am jacking off in the men’s room
snorting coke
already high from the mushroom
already broke from the smoke
i am pierced genitalia
rabid disease
testicles on tees
a purple German helmet
down your throat, the scrote
in your mouth, you, now bitch
get on your knees
i am five dollar handjobs
rusty trombones
i am the glass breaking
from slammin’ them bones
whispers and groans
whips and chains
denying loans
eating brains
i am pissed off pussies
and surly dicks
pinot noir and porno flicks
viscious vixens, viscous fluids
drunk and dreaming
of droids and druids