Almost Finished

by Jason Alan

Although shorter than I originally intended, I have almost completed my first novel. Without giving too much away, it’s the story of a boy who lived long ago at a place similar to Earth, but not exactly the same. He builds a castle, encounters a dragon and learns much of what it means to be a man along the way. I have put so much of my time into this project over the years, sometimes abandoning it altogether to write other things, but it’s always in the back of my mind, morphing into this and that. There is a definite advantage to taking a long time to write something instead of just banging a piece out over a period of just a few months or even less. It allows for growth, of the characters and of the story as well.

You can read the first twelve chapters for free, and the rest will be up on amazon soon if you like it and want to support a starving independent writer.

For Want of a Stone

Also, check out my amazon author page and hit the like button, if nothing else.

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