thank you

by Jason Alan

I’m searching for the right words
they elude me
what is she thinking?
am I silly
for being so enamored
with a women I have not yet met ‘in person’?
what are the important things,
in the matters of friendship,
attraction, though we attempt to play it down,
and say it doesn’t matter
that feeling you get when they message you
that little =) in your heart
knowing, or at least thinking that
finally, somebody gets you
understands you
somebody who becomes even more beautiful
when they showed interest in you
all of these do not need the physical touch
to be realized
maybe I’m a narcissist
for becoming more interested in her
after thinking maybe
just maybe
she is thinking of me as well
but I know this
I do think of you
and it makes me smile
I hope I make you smile as well
and I hope your evening is as lovely
as you are
and as you have been to me