get off that phone

by Jason Alan

get off that phone
it’s time to give you a bone
*zip* step up to this microphone
I’ll bomb that ass like a drone
I’m cold as stone
but I’d never leave it alone
get you wet like cologne
I got some Davidoff
I’ll stick it in and break it off
that’s a nice dress, take it off
you got me harder than Hasselhoff
drunk with a cheeseburger trying to play golf
suck it till you make it soft
you got me harder than quantum physics
I want them digits
so I can pay you a visit
damn looks like two midgets
crawled in your shirt
does it hurt I bet they make your ribs split
you make me rise like Bisquick
I’m a dipshit
but I’ll trade wits with
anybody who sees fit
to call me a nitwit
you might see me with a fitbit
on a liquid acid trip
I’m a misfit
I’m sick bitch
dip those hips, quick
and get this dick