Lesson, a modern fairy tale

by Jason Alan

little miss muffet saw Cinderella
on the beach one day
it was a wonderful sight
later on, she would say
then Shrek came by
and they all had a blast
he even brought his friend
the four legged…
they went to the woods
and saw Robin Hood
they shot arrows in the air
and had a time that was good
they went to bed
at the Flinstone’s house
they all slept well, quiet as a mouse
when they awoke
guess who was there?
it was Dora, Spongebob
and even Yogi Bear
what did they do?
they ate breakfast at dawn
but they wanted to travel
so off, they were gone
where did they go?
well, to Cybertron, of course
Optimus was there
he had a robot horse
they saw Yugio
in Battle City
but they didn’t fight
they popped bubbles that were pretty
they flew to New York
and saw Spider-Man
then rode around all day
in Scooby Doo’s van
so what is the point
of this rhyme, you may question
it’s just a silly reason
for a reading lesson