Perspective and Other Detritus

by Jason Alan

Screenshot - 01

That’s a good thing, right? Right. However, I had to ‘claim’ the book in order for it to show up on my author page. That could take up to five days to happen. So until then, my new book looks like it is from a new author. Since 2011, I have self-published three others and while I don’t have a big audience, there are some people who have read my work. It helps people to see some reviews (which are all good, so far) and a little history, doesn’t it? I think it’s important and since I used the same account and the same name, it should just do this automatically.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. So for those who are not familiar with my books or need a reminder, I’ll give you the link to my amazon author page and then the one for my new one, Perspective and Other Detritus.

Thank you for your support. And come on, amazon, get your shit together.