The Wild West and a Free Kindle Ebook

by Jason Alan

I have recently been writing a novel set in the old west, but my knowledge of it is limited. Even though I grew up in the south, it was never really something I was interested in. If it is something that you are familiar with, I would appreciate some feedback. What movies should I watch, including dramas, comedies, and documentaries? The same with books. Fiction and history books that I should check out to familiarize myself with that time period. Any comments would be appreciated.

Speaking of books, my most recent ebook is free today and tomorrow. You are welcome to go get it and share the link anywhere and everywhere. I could always use reviews, on the new one as well as the three that I have self-published before. The new book, as stated in the description, is the best (in my humble opinion) of my completed short stories, opinion pieces, rants, raves and whatever other detritus that has floated through my brain and spilled onto the keyboard.

Perspective and Other Detritus