I’m Back (Who Cares?)

by Jason Alan

Exactly. Who does care?

I have been away for a while, partly because I haven’t had more than a phone or a tablet. Now that I have a computer, I can get back to the business of writing shit for virtually no money. Maybe that can start to change, though. I just took advantage of a free $30 credit for facebook ads to drive people here. It’s not much, but it could get the ball rolling and hopefully one day I’ll be swimming in 50 Shades type money.


(Disclaimer: I don’t write that kind of bullshit).

So, you may ask yourself, what am I doing here, and why should I care? I suppose it’s because you can get some free ebooks. I have five so far, self published on the ol’ amazon, but since they now take 2/3rds instead of their previous 1/3rd cut, I don’t want to use them anymore. Except to leave them up to have a platform for reviews. Instead, at least for the time being, I have decided to give them away and hope people think they’re good enough to donate a buck or two.

Also, of course, I have this blog, which goes back many years. I hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think. Even if you hate it.

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P.S. If you see a book or books you like on my author page, my email is jasonyenglin at gmail. I’ll be glad to send you something.