by Jason Alan

It’s time to unsubscribe.

Many of us are guilty (me included) of following a bunch of blogs, facebook users, tweeters, et cetera, just in hopes that they will follow us back and pump up our numbers. Get our message out. Open them up to our lofty worldview and blah blah blah. Well I, for one, am done with that bullshit.

I’m unsubscribing. To everyone. I hope you show me the same courtesy. Quit pretending like you give a damn. I know I don’t. I don’t read your blogs. I don’t watch your videos. I have been suspended from twitter so many times I just gave up, so I definitely don’t read your tweets. I’ve been working on getting facebook followers and after ten plus years, I am now up to maybe twenty-four.

Fuck it. I’m dumping all of you. I’ll still post, because I’m a narcissist. Somebody has to be reading this crap, although it’s probably only me reading my own worthless drivel. So if you don’t read this, then don’t follow me anymore. And for God’s sake, stop spending hours of your day liking posts that you know very well that you don’t read just in the off chance that someone will like your post that they also didn’t read. Have some respect for others, and most of all yourself.

Do yourselves and the world a favor. Unsubscribe to my blog today.