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Lesson, a modern fairy tale

little miss muffet saw Cinderella
on the beach one day
it was a wonderful sight
later on, she would say
then Shrek came by
and they all had a blast
he even brought his friend
the four legged…
they went to the woods
and saw Robin Hood
they shot arrows in the air
and had a time that was good
they went to bed
at the Flinstone’s house
they all slept well, quiet as a mouse
when they awoke
guess who was there?
it was Dora, Spongebob
and even Yogi Bear
what did they do?
they ate breakfast at dawn
but they wanted to travel
so off, they were gone
where did they go?
well, to Cybertron, of course
Optimus was there
he had a robot horse
they saw Yugio
in Battle City
but they didn’t fight
they popped bubbles that were pretty
they flew to New York
and saw Spider-Man
then rode around all day
in Scooby Doo’s van
so what is the point
of this rhyme, you may question
it’s just a silly reason
for a reading lesson

untitled, as of now

smokin’ chains
broken brains
100 mph, open lanes
I came on your dress
I hope it stains
we roll in gangs
shifting lanes
greater than danes
troll some strange
you can’t see me
like David Blaine
take this exit
I smell poontang
there’s hoes on poles
that have holes that need
to be banged
hope and change?
you must be as deranged
as what’s on the front page
we can hang
and go to the gun range
but imma tell you one thang
you cross me I’ll off you
I ride or die like cowboys on mustangs

goddess @PaigeTerner

she is a godless goddess
flirty and flawless
she drops my jaw, gives me pause
yet she’s modest
broken as I am, I want her regardless
of all the stars in the sky
she is the hottest
experienced, not a novice
the cosmos transformed itself into an artist
then created her
it started at the heart and made it the largest
she’s marvelous
and I want us
to be together in the form that’s rawest
naked and honest
ripping the laces off her bodice
laying her down
and fulfilling my promise

science or magic? @PaigeTerner

there is said to be four forces
that govern the universe.
for sake of common knowledge,
let’s call gravity the first.
then electromagnetic,
strong and weak.
perhaps there are more
that scientists seek.
but I believe to have found another.
stronger than all,
one like no other.
I would hold this to be factually
accurate, as true.
the other force.
is you.

get off that phone, another daily poem for @PaigeTerner

get off that phone
it’s time to give you a bone
*zip* step up to this microphone
I’ll bomb that ass like a drone
I’m cold as stone
but I’d never leave it alone
get you wet like cologne
I got some Davidoff
I’ll stick it in and break it off
that’s a nice dress, take it off
you got me harder than Hasselhoff
drunk with a cheeseburger trying to play golf
suck it till you make it soft
you got me harder than quantum physics
I want them digits
so I can pay you a visit
damn looks like two midgets
crawled in your shirt
does it hurt I bet they make your ribs split
you make me rise like Bisquick
I’m a dipshit
but I’ll trade wits with
anybody who sees fit
to call me a nitwit
you might see me with a fitbit
on a liquid acid trip
I’m a misfit
I’m sick bitch
dip those hips, quick
and get this dick

thank you @PaigeTerner

I’m searching for the right words
they elude me
what is she thinking?
am I silly
for being so enamored
with a women I have not yet met ‘in person’?
what are the important things,
in the matters of friendship,
attraction, though we attempt to play it down,
and say it doesn’t matter
that feeling you get when they message you
that little =) in your heart
knowing, or at least thinking that
finally, somebody gets you
understands you
somebody who becomes even more beautiful
when they showed interest in you
all of these do not need the physical touch
to be realized
maybe I’m a narcissist
for becoming more interested in her
after thinking maybe
just maybe
she is thinking of me as well
but I know this
I do think of you
and it makes me smile
I hope I make you smile as well
and I hope your evening is as lovely
as you are
and as you have been to me

freedom. yes, to @PaigeTerner again.

your lips are freedom
but your eyes are a prison
locking me in
you say it is, but it isn’t

your face is a gem
j’adore, je t’aime
touch me, my sweet
on a train, on a whim

my drug is your body
I wanna get naughty
come with me, babe
and be my shawty


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