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One more day for #free #kindle #ebooks

All three of my amazon ebooks are free for one more day. Go check them out.

Jason Alan

Free Kindle Ebooks

I’m giving away all three of my Kindle ebooks today. Enjoy and share!

Jason Alan

Perspective and Other Detritus

I have recently finished my next ebook which will be self-published on amazon and released a month or two from now. I am making it an interactive project, as explained on my new page here:


In addition to that, I am offering the book free to my readers before it comes out. What you get out of it is obvious. You get a free book. What I hope to get out of this is threefold. The first is to get at least a couple of short reviews that I can put on the amazon description page. The second is to get the ball rolling in the comments section on the aforementioned page. The final reason is to, hopefully, have some of you write a piece on your views of perception. If I think it fits in and is good, then I will include it in the book. With full credit, of course. I will post a link to your page on my blog and also put a link in the book as well.

The links below are to a public dropbox folder, free for all to download. The first is PDF and the latter is in .mobi format, for those of you that prefer using the Kindle software (or an actual Kindle) to read your ebooks. Enjoy.

Perspective PDF

Perspective .mobi (Kindle version)

If that wasn’t enough, I am also offering all three of my previously released ebooks for free as well. Two days in a row, no less. On February 1st and 2nd. You’re welcome.

Amazon author link

P.S. Please understand that as an independent author with very little money, I can’t afford to advertise. So if you could share this post to help me spread the word, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

visceral, for @zuzugirls

you are the sunshine, a gentle caress
the petals of a lily, surging sweet life into its breast
as we undress

the moon that grips it, slips it
deftly, ever so softly toward the expanse of space
to kiss an ellipsis upon your face

the kind that sparks fire in the mind
of a distant other, the desire to find
fingers sliding up the skirt of a lover

you murder the melancholy, the folly
that resides inside the hearts of men
it starts again
with a whisper of your voice in the din

you are the mystical whisp, a kiss so visceral
dismissing the miserable
with a flick of the wrist,
both literal and physical

just some dumb ebook

I haven’t written anything here in a while. I’ve been meaning to, but you know life gets in the way and all that shit. In the interest of brevity and because I’m tired as fuck after working all week, I’ll get to the point. Tomorrow, December 21st, will mark the second anniversary of my wildly inappropriate comedy ebook on amazon.com, Spank Material for the Clinically Insane. Why should you give a shit? Well maybe because I’m giving it away for free all weekend. I will be promoting it to see how high I can get it to chart in the free comedy book section, so if you would, please tell your friends family, coworkers, your hair stylist (you know they’ll spread the word), your local grocer, dominatrix and anyone else you see on a regular basis. Oh and spread the virus on your twitters and facebooks and all that other junk. Have a merry Kwanzaa or whatever.

Here is the link in case you’re too lazy to google it: Spank Me!

Repost for @Kizisbomb

if your name…

if your name transformed
from words to flesh
i would taste you
on the swell of my tongue

if your soul gave form
as a body of light
i would be taken aback
and blinded

if your speech sought purchase
it indeed
would light upon my ears

and i would surely gasp
and feel holy
in the absence of god

she flies

just like a bird she flies
she has murder in her eyes
every word is a lie
but I satisfy
that urge between her thighs

she has flowers in her hair
and the power of her stare
makes men cower, weak and scared
that taste so sour, always there
but she is oh so fair

she has studs on her lips
I like the way she moves her hips
we fight like bloods and crips
but those hips
fuck, I love that bitch


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